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About the fund

The Working Environment Research Fund is part of The Ministry of Employment, and The Danish Working Environment Authority administers the fund. The fund awards grants to research and development projects.

The Working Environment Research Fund calls for applications twice a year. The calls contains a description of prioritized research themes and topics, amount of funding available, and application deadlines. The calls are advertised on this website.

Research themes

Presently, the prioritized themes are:

  • Work accidents
  • Psychosocial working environment
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Chemical exposures in the working environment
  • OSH instruments

Projects related to the OSH instruments theme may address one or more of the other themes. 

Currently, the fund also calls for research and development projects related to:

  • The COVID-19 crisis and its effect on the working environment.


The fund consists of three committees:

  • The Strategic Working Environment Committee
  • The Scientific Working Environment Committee (DVU)
  • The Committee for Development projects and Reviews (UUU)

The Strategic Committee prepares a research strategy, which contains the prioritized research themes.

DVU and UUU assess the scientific quality of the applications based on established criteria. The criteria appear in the application guidelines, which are located on this website.

Based on a relevance assessment, the Strategic Committee recommends which of the scientifically qualified applications shall be awarded a grant. The minister of employment makes the final decision based on the recommendation of the Strategic Committee.


If you have questions about the Working Environment Research Fund, you may contact Steffen Hyldborg Jensen on phone number: +45 72 20 87 13 every Monday-Thursday between 10 am – 3 pm.

If you have questions related to budget, financial accounting or progress report you can call: +45 70 12 12 88. Press 4 and ask for Zane Evkovski.

You can also send an email to forskningsfonden@at.dk.

If you want to receive future calls for application of the fund, you can send an email to forskningsfonden@at.dk. Please write “Calls for application” in the subject line.